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Description:   Hier finden sie mien Projekte.

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LastFmLib.Net This is a port of's WebAPI plus their Audioscrobbler 1.2 into VB.Net 2005. Features: Artist/Album/Track-Metadata -- all WebRequests which are also contained in the original client -- Scrobbling - Usable in other .Net languages, like C#, too

Lineage 2 Password Generator Vb.NET/C# This small application demonstrates Lineage 2 player passwords. Uses the one basic function. The goal is crypt plain passwords. SHA1 and Base64. Also you can use this function for your own applications. C# Vb.NET Projects Visual Studio 2008 - 2010

OpenSRS.NET Tucows OpenSRS DNS Reseller API Interface Developed in VB.NET.This project has no association with Tucows, this is an individual effort, this project was last tested in 2005.

SharpNuke.NET SharpNuke.NET (aka. SNN) is an open source Web Portal/CMS written in ASP.NET / C#. Initial release will target a straight port of the popular DotNetNuke (DNN), a VB.NET web portal system. Future releases will include both Windows and Linux Mono.

VB.NET Automatic Updater This is an Automatic Updater that is written in VB.NET. It uses XML files to pull the version info the files and then goes to the correct sub that will download the right .zip files. Automatic download and install of new files and foldersData stored ...

VB.Net CSS Parser This is one of the first .Net CSS Parsers. It is built using VB.Net on Windows XP for the .Net Framework 2.0. This was designed to overcome both IE and Firefox's shortcomings and to develop a CSS engine which can apply formatting to WinForm objects. Mysql Mysql 2010 and 2008 Get data from mysql put it in textbox

speech recognition 2010 using visual studio 2010, this is a working .net speech recognition mini application.(( Sample )) No Complex CodeNo COM AddinsOnly Requires .net Framework 4.0

VB.NET Associative Array Class A VB.NET class to create easly associative arrays like in PHP; You can programmatically manage any structured data or export associative arrays to XML. applications This project is for applications of all categories. Some examples include web browsers, picture editors and multiplayer gamesapplications are written in using microsoft visual basic 2008 express edition. If you wish to become a developer, you must use ONLY this version of visual ...

Meine Filmverwaltung Kleine Filmverwaltung auf Basis von Java. Benutzt das Spring Rich Client Framework. Kommunziert mit ALber OFDB GW.

MekArcade A Mech shooter expansion pack for Red Eclipse set in the 34th century that aims to emulate the online game play in the Xbox classic, Mechassault. THERE IS NO CODE YET. JULY 2012 PROJECT IS BEING SET UP CURRENTLY!!! Battle it out with the best ...

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